Specialized Electrical/HVAC Installation & Maintenance Services for Telkom Stations and Large Data Centers

The East African region has been at the forefront in terms of telecommunication and become a leader with some of the largest Telcos in the continent stemming from East Africa. Kinetic Controls reputation as a reputable Specialized Electrical Mechanical Installation & Maintenance Services for Telkom stations and Large Data Centres has allowed us to tap into this market providing unique solutions. 

Our Telecommunications Services

  1. MSRS Electrical Installations and Maintenance.
  2. HVAC Installations and Maintenance.
  3. Power Support systems for BTS, BSS and MGWs.
  4. Solarization of BTS.
  5. Corrective Maintenance on 24/7 Call attendance services.
  6. AC/DC Power distribution systems installation and maintenance.
  7. Power support systems Maintenance – Generator maintenance.
  8. Rectifiers installation and Maintenance.
  9. Specialized earthing for AC/DC distribution
  10. Lighting Protection Systems installations and maintenance.
  11. Tower Lighting installations and maintenance.
  12. Battery Banks autonomy tests, Installations and Maintenance.

Other Services

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