Specialized Electrical/Mechanical/ATEX Installation & Maintenance Services for Oil and Gas Industry

We are specialized Electrical/Mechanical Contractor for Oil and gas industries whereby we do;

  1. Electrical/Mechanical Maintenance which includes; Corrective Maintenance 24/7 call attendance, Preventive Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance.
  2. Electrical Installations and upgrades.
  3. ATEX installations, Upgrades and Maintenance
  4. ATEX Audits
  5. Retail Visual Impression (RVI) cleaning and Maintenance.
  6. Generator and Compressor Maintenance.
  7. Power distribution analysis, Power factor Correction and Load Balancing.
  8. Fire Engines and Fire Alarm Installations and Maintenance.
  9. Specialized Earthing Installations for AC/DC distributions.
  10. Energy Saving Security lights installations and maintenance.
  11. Lighting protection systems.

We undertake specialized Electrical/Mechanical Installations and Maintenance for Critical facilities such as Fuel Depots/Explosive Environments whereby we do;

  1. Fire Engines and Alarms Installations, tests and Maintenance.
  2. Generator Installations, Servicing and Maintenance.
  3. Compressors Installations, Servicing and Maintenance.
  4. ATEX Switch gears, Motors, Lights Installations and Maintenance.
  5. Instrumentations and Corrosion Protection Systems.
  6. ATEX Fire Distributions and HLAs Systems Maintenance.
  7. Specialized Earthing Systems Installations and Maintenance.
  8. LPG filling Plant Instrumentation systems installation and maintenance.
  9. Corrosion Tests
  10. Lightening Protection Installations and Maintenance.
  11. ATEX audits for Explosive Atmospheres.

We are also dealers for Specialized ATEX Switch gears and Motors.

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